The time has come for Pastors to speak positively about Oklahoma’s public school children, teachers, and administration. We pledge to take proactive initiatives that advance a constructive future for Oklahoma’s public school system.

While every family is free to choose the direction of their children’s education, we believe it is wrong to insinuate public schools are “atheist-based” and that parents should abandon public schools in favor of private alternatives.

We recognize that education improvement and reform is necessary in Oklahoma in order to properly fund and resource our teachers, schools, and students. We reject the false notion that schools are “failing” or not caring for our students. We urge a halt to the demonization of public schools and anti-public school rhetoric.

We believe a free public education is a moral good that is vital to our state’s well being and requires adequate investment to ensure thriving communities. We believe public school children are God’s children who deserve the nurture of a good society, the prospect for a good education and the equal opportunity for a good life.

We affirm the separation of church and state, which will keep public schools free from coercive pressure to promote any sectarian faith.

We recognize vouchers, ESAs, and privatization as an attempt to convert the free public education of the many into a marketplace of financial gain for the few. The proliferation of school choice programs is an attempt to redistribute public education resources from the most underfunded districts into the hands of private education profiteers. We call for an end to this profiteering of Oklahoma’s most vulnerable children.

We resolve to be committed to a just society. A just society will ensure that every child has an opportunity for a good education and that public schools have the resources necessary to provide such an opportunity, achieving the highest standards possible.

We, the undersigned, pledge therefore to,

  • pray for public schools;

  • show our support for public schools through worship services that affirm all school-related personnel;

  • advocate for a high wall of separation between church and state that is critical to good public education;

  • pursue a just society that benefits every child;

  • challenge religious voices who demonize public education; and

  • share this letter with others.






Oklahoma Pastors/Clergy:

  1. Rev. Clark Frailey

  2. Rev. R. Mitch Randall, D.Min.

  3. Rev. Todd Littleton, D.Min.

  4. Rev. Dr. Kent Berghuis

  5. Brad Berryhill, Youth Pastor

  6. Dr. Edith Guffey

  7. Pastor Drew Swadley

  8. Rev. P. Aaron Bolerjack

  9. Rev. Chris Moore

  10. Rev. Brian Warfield

  11. Rev. Tiffany Nagel Monroe

  12. Rev. Kathy Brown

  13. Rev. Brian Warfield

  14. Rev. Scott Spencer

  15. Rev. Kayla Bonewell

  16. Rev. Marla Lobo

  17. Rev. Rich Lubbers

  18. Father Tom Dahlman

  19. Pastor Scott McLaughlin

  20. Rev. Anne Clement

  21. Rev. Michaele LaVinge

  22. Rev. Roy Joe Ham

  23. Rev. Jennifer Grantham

  24. Father Henry Roberson

  25. Rev. Jeffrey Corson

  26. Rev. Michael Davison

  27. Rev. Jenny Wynn

  28. Rev. Leslie Dotson

  29. Dr. B. Josef Thomas

  30. Rev. Kirt Moelling

  31. Rev. Stephen Carl

  32. Rev. Nathan Mills

  33. Rev. Susan Whitley

  34. Rev. Jessica Maynard

  35. Pastor Michael Facundo

  36. Rev. James Hunt

  37. Rev. Christy Germany

  38. Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend

  39. Rev. Tobin Jackson

  40. Rev. David Wheeler

  41. Rev. Shannon Rodenberg

  42. Rev. April Coates

  43. Rev. Doug Serven

  44. Dr. Dan Eischen

  45. Dr. Bruce Prescott

  46. Rev. Jack Ballinger

  47. Bryan Partridge, St. Minister

  48. Darryl DeBorde, Minister

  49. Rev. Mark Rickman

  50. Chaplain Susan Stephenson

  51. Dr. Randy Ridenour

  52. Dr. Steve Dominy

  53. Rev. Jonathan Watt

  54. Rev. Dr. Jarrett Banks

  55. Dr. Steve Dominy

  56. Rev. Jennifer Long

  57. Rev. David Spain

  58. Rev. Don Heath

  59. Rev. Loyd N Dunaway

  60. Rev. Susan Marks

  61. Pastor Kevin Sutton

  62. Kent Epling, Youth Minister

  63. Pastor David Burgess

  64. Pastor Justin Dunn

  65. Pastor Michelle Castle

  66. Rev. Alan Nagel

  67. Rev. Lori Walke

  68. Rev. Andrew Shelton

  69. Rev. John Bain

  70. Rev. Dr. Debi Powell-Maxwell

  71. Rev. Julia Jordan Gillett

  72. Rev. Tim Blodgett

  73. Rev. Dr. Jason Haddox

  74. Pastor Dewayne Davis

  75. Rev. Dr. JD Ward

  76. Rev. John Malget

  77. Rev. Rick Anthony

  78. Rev. Charles King

  79. Rev. Bob Younts

  80. Rev. Tracy Evans

  81. Rev. Aaron Krueger

  82. Rev. Jen Logsdon-Kellogg

  83. Rev. Desi Sharp

  84. Pastor Rick Anthony

  85. Rev. Josh Wright

  86. Rev. Andrew Long

  87. Pastor Gabriel Pennington

  88. Rev. John Langille-Hoppe

  89. Pastor Jenny Archer

  90. Pastor Julian Rodriguez

  91. Pastor Dana Olson

  92. Pastor Scott Olson

  93. Rev. Jessica Dixon

  94. Rev. Emily Robnett

  95. Pastor Chris Perrey

  96. Pastor Chad Kaminski

  97. Rev. Dr. JD Ward

  98. Dr. Bob Searl

  99. Rev. Bruce Davis

  100. Rev. Susan Whitley

  101. Rev. Kim Morrison

  102. Rev. Lucus Levy Keppel

  103. Rev. Kate Hogue

  104. Rev. April Coates

  105. Rev. Randy Mitchell

  106. Pastor Johnny Beckham

  107. Evangelist Belinda Mason

  108. Pastor Rick Goodman

  109. Pastor Katy Goodman

  110. Rev. Trey Witzel

  111. Rev. Dr. Joe Kendrick

  112. Rev. Shannon Fleck

  113. Rev. Olivia Lane

  114. Rev. James Blagg

  115. Rev. Jason Rowinski

  116. Rev. Kelly Becker

  117. Chaplain Laura Woods

  118. Rev. Gary Siebert

  119. Pastor Phillip Gregg

  120. Kenyatta Wright

  121. Rev. Kris Mayberry

  122. Rev. Billy Harding

  123. Rev. Kyle Clark

  124. Rev. Dylan Ward

  125. Pastor Billy Harding

  126. Father Everett Lees
  127. Rev. Kyle Lee Tubbs
  128. Tyler Grant
  129. Rev. Ruth Atterberry
  130. Ms. Marilynn Knott (Ret. Christian Church Minister)
  131. Pastor Terrence L. Marshall
  132. Rev. Jon Middendorf



Friends of Oklahoma Pastors:

  1. Autumn Lockett, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  2. Sheryl Frailey, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  3. Daniel Manuel, Trinity Baptist Church (Ada, OK)

  4. Sandra Looper, Baptist

  5. Larry Stevens, D.Min., Spring Creek Baptist Church (OKC, OK)

  6. Rajeania Runyon, Church of Christ

  7. Tammie Phanson, Western Hills Church of Christ (OKC, OK)

  8. Kristen Huffty, North Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  9. Dorinda Mayhue, Spring Creek Baptist Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  10. Ava Wilhelm, Westmoore Community Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  11. Lori Stevens, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)|

  12. Ria Huckeby, First Baptist Church (Ada, OK)

  13. Michelle Boykin, The Salvation Army (Oklahoma City, OK)

  14. Lynn McNeill, First Baptist Church (Ada, OK)

  15. Condy Byrd, H2O Church (Ada, OK)

  16. Sheri Ridenour, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  17. Sister Patty Metts, Baptist

  18. Linda Skaggs, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  19. Thresa Swadley, University Baptist Church (Shawnee, OK)

  20. Sherri Thompson, University Baptist Church (Shawnee, OK)

  21. Joshua Lockett, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  22. Janie Helm, Kirk of the Hills (Tulsa, OK)

  23. Marsha Stark, Church on the Move (Broken Arrow, OK)

  24. Kay Leslie, Faith UMC (Broken Arrow, OK)

  25. Jennifer Randall, First Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK)

  26. Lucia Frohling, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  27. Will McCutcheon, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  28. Lori Wood, Southeast Baptist (Muskogee, OK)

  29. Dr. Nicole Taylor, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  30. Lisa Raiber, First Baptist Church (Norman, OK)

  31. Cindy Rieger, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  32. Debbie Skeel, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  33. Wendy Frailey, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  34. Kim Anders, Bethel Baptist Church (Norman, OK)

  35. Scott Brown, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  36. Dena Nason, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  37. Kimberley Schooler, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  38. Pam Spain, First Christian Church (Norman, OK)

  39. Melissa Randall, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  40. Leatrice Donaldson, Church of the Harvest (Edmond, OK)

  41. Yolanda Shelton, Integrity’s Voice of Victory (Warr Acres, OK)

  42. Anita Cribley, United Methodist Church (Enid, OK)

  43. Phyllis Klugas, Newcastle United Methodist (Newcastle, OK)

  44. Michael Arrisontz, First Baptist Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  45. Mary Harmon, Arrow Heights Baptist Church (Broken Arrow, OK)

  46. Mary Ray, First Baptist Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  47. Jennifer Cox, University Baptist Church (Shawnee, OK)

  48. Dr. Cindy Brown, New Hope United Methodist (Oklahoma City, OK)

  49. William Huntington, St. Thomas More Catholic (Norman, OK)

  50. Shouna Brown, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  51. Joanie Abbott, NorthHaven Church (Norman, OK)

  52. Lamassick Cece, Evangelistic (OKC Metro)

  53. Sharon Willhite, First United Methodist (Broken Arrow, OK)

  54. Dave Willhite, First United Methodist (Broken Arrow, OK)

  55. Travis Carlson, First Christian Church DoC (Cyril, OK)

  56. Kim Moyer, (OKC Metro)

  57. Patricia Stephens, Mustang UMC (Mustang, OK)

  58. Deborah Friant, Spring Creek Baptist Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  59. Risa Pierce, Wildwood Community Church (Norman, OK)

  60. Joe Ann Vermillion, Canadian United Methodist (Canadian, OK)

  61. Teresa Capps, BridgeView United Methodist (Norman, OK)

  62. Kelly Nix

  63. Dr. Wesley Fryer, First Presbyterian Church (Edmond, OK)

  64. Sherri Malget, First Christian Church (Oklahoma City, OK)

  65. Amie Fowler, Southern Hills Baptist Church (OKC, OK)

  66. Mary Littleton, Snow Hill Baptist Church (Tuttle, OK)

  67. Ashley Arnold, Coffee Creek Church (Edmond, OK)

  68. Steve Reese, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (Shawnee, OK)

  69. Nash Carey, Connecting Point Presbyterian Church (OKC)

  70. Sandra Looper, Trinity Baptist

  71. John Waldron, Church of the Madalene (Tulsa, OK)

  72. Jennifer Crum, First United Methodist (Claremore, OK)

  73. Rob Carmichael, Crossings Community Church (OKC)

  74. Michael Cobb, Landmark Missionary Baptist (NE OK)

  75. George Harris, Methodist (NE OK)

  76. Kao Laizure, Goodrich United Methodist (Norman, OK)

  77. Dana McConnell, First UMC (Owasso, OK)

  78. Robim Combd, UMC (OKC Metro)

  79. Glenda Thomason, First Baptist Church (SE OK)

  80. Stephanie King, Asbury UMC (Tulsa, OK)

  81. Debbie Kerr, Yale Avenue Presbyterian Church (Tulsa, OK)

  82. Claudia Sweger, South Community Church (Tulsa, OK)

  83. Sandra Dee, Christ the King Church (Tulsa, OK)

  84. Staci Hunt, First Baptist Church (Piedmont, OK)

  85. Darla Larza, First Baptist Church (Blanchard, OK)

  86. Micah Groves, Cooperating Baptist Fellowship (Oklahoma)

  87. Chelsea Cox, First Baptist Church (Bixby, Oklahoma)

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  91. JJ Burnam, All Souls Unitarian Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  92. Dr. Savannah Stumph, (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

  93. Bonnie Rogers, Redemption Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  94. Wendy Pratt, (SW Oklahoma)

  95. Monica Whiteley, Kirk Crossing (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  96. Stephanie Ryker, Newspring Family Church (Jenks, Oklahoma)

  97. Sandy Skinner, Home Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  98. Robin Combs, UMC (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

  99. Rebecca Rowton, Victory Family Church (Norman, Oklahoma)

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  105. Stephanie Roesler, Discover Church (Noble, Oklahoma)

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  107. Sherri Brown, First United Methodist (Edmond, Oklahoma)

  108. Dale Spradlin, First Baptist Church (Buffalo, Oklahoma)

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  110. Janel Manuel, Trinity Baptist Church (Ada, Oklahoma)

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  119. Krystal Bonsall, OKC Metro

  120. Emilie Tindle, Stillwater, Oklahoma

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  129. Pam Merrill, First Christian Church, OKC Metro
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  136. Dr. Kirby Lehman, (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
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  140. Cathy Battles, Oklahoma City
  141. Melissa Green, First Christian Church, (Norman, Oklahoma)
  142. Rosemary Stephens, (Minco, Oklahoma)
  143. Christy Chesnut Levine (Hope Unitarian Church, Tulsa)
  144. Dr. Naomi Poindexter (Transformation Church, Tulsa)
  145. Elaine Warner (First Christian Church, Edmond)
  146. Claudia Swisher, Norman, Oklahoma
  147. Kimberly Ragsdale, Snow Hill Baptist (Tuttle, Oklahoma)
  148. Emily Clark, Heritage Presbyterian Church (Edmond, Oklahoma)
  149. Sharon Hulsey, Chandler, Oklahoma
  150. Charissa Cothran, Coffee Creek Church (Cashion, Oklahoma)
  151. Anne Buvinger, Trinity Christian Church (Edmond, Oklahoma)
  152. Diana Winslow MSW, ACSW, Episcopal/UMC (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  153. Paula J Willis, First Christian Church (Norman, Oklahoma)
  154. Lisa Kirk, Asbury UMC (Bixby, Oklahoma)
  155. Kyra Jones Swift, Muskogee