We are a broad coalition of clergy from across Oklahoma that advocate for local public schools.



Oklahoma has one of the most severely underfunded public school systems in the nation. To combat this and the wealthy outsiders working day and night to defund, overtest, and demean our schools, Pastors for Oklahoma Kids advocates for kids, encourages our teachers, supports our school support staff & school boards, and educates our communities on what issues face their local schools each election.

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of Oklahoma kids are in public schools


kids in Oklahoma are counting on us



in the nation and Oklahoma remains dead last in our region for per-student spending



Schools are failing! Schools are failing! The refrain has become so common among elite outsiders that seek to destroy public schools that it’s akin to hearing Chicken Little declare the sky is falling. We don’t believe it for a minute. Oklahoma’s public schools are filled with dedicated teachers that are servant leaders. They represent the best of us with their incredible dedication to a profession where there are lots of stressful days in the face of little respect from our legislators.

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