Today’s anti-public school OCPA disaster comes from David Bond, who led the fight against SQ 779 which would have infused public schools with funding for a 1 cent sales-tax.

In order to distort the public’s perception (a common tactic of “think tanks”) word salads of a variety of completely implausible alternatives were offered via the OCPA’s work.

As one debunker wrote, “Without a doubt my favorite demonstration of the OCPA’s shameless incompetence was the bold, unsupported statement by Dave Bond on statewide television (KOTV’s Educate Oklahoma in 2016) that a new law affecting school employee health insurance would free up $100 million for teacher pay raises.  I show why that claim, like other silly claims he made, was empty puffery … (MORE)”

How is it that the OCPA execs making 4x what a teacher makes deserved taxpayer funds but the teachers did not? For reference: the OCPA took a SIX-FIGURE government handout in 2020 and yet continually advocates against public schools receiving funding.

So many questions.