Anti-public ed superstar, Trent England, of the “think tank” OCPA wrote that when schools need funding for burgeoning class sizes, fixing up their buildings, or books – they really didn’t need it – just magically “reallocate” what they had.

Always one to pull out a unicorn, this article talked about ONE school where they seemed to have some funding that could have been reallocated. At the same time school budgets were crashing around the state due to increasing student populations and a decade of CUTS to ed funding.

Curious how taxpayer funded public schools that serve all 77 counties, over 700,000 children in Oklahoma need to “reallocate” but when faced with a similar budget crunch the OCPA did not reallocate, but rather begged the US Government for a tax-payer funded SIX FIGURE bailout.

Perhaps it’s time for the anti-public school privatizers to “find something new”?